Pricing Guide

(There is a $50 Minimum for All Quilts) The fees below apply only when there are no reapirs or other preparations needed before quilting. Please contact me for individual questions about your quilt. Print This Page

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Meander - Large 0.015 Per Square Inch
Meander - Medium 0.016 Per Square Inch
Meander - Small 0.018 Per Square Inch
Overall Freehand 0.015 Per Square Inch
Pantograph Design A 0.018 Per Square Inch
Pantograph Design B 0.020 Per Square Inch
Pantograph Design C 0.025 Per Square Inch
Cross Hatch, Ditch Stitch, Echo Begins at 0.03 Per Square Inch
Feathering Added Begins at 0.035 Per Square Inch
Heirloom, Stencil Work Begins at 0.04 Per Square Inch

All Binding has Mitered Corners

Hand Binding

Applied to quilt-front by machine and hand-sewn to back side of quilt

0.25 per Linear Inch

Machine Binding

Machine-applied to front and back

0.15 per Linear Inch

Applied Only

Machine-applied to front and customer finishes

0.09 per Linear Inch

Preparing the Fabric and Piecing
Lap / Full $20
Queen / King $30

Fees Assessed by Quilt Size
Solid $5 - $11
Variegated $7 - $13

Blocking for Show
Lap / Twin $35
Full $40
Queen / King $50

Batting available for purchase; please contact me for inventory and pricing. Customer may provide batting but it must be of good quality.