All_Over Design

All-Over Design
This type of quilting is wonderful for most quilts. The quilting design ignores the block setting and provides a beautiful consistent design all over the entire quilt, using one of the many pantograph designs available. This is the most economical of the quilting styles.

Custom Quilting Custom Quilting
Custom quilting is for that quilt you want to add more detail to. Each block, border, etc. is quilted individually. You may choose stitch in the ditch, cross hatching, or feathering to enhance the block and overall look of your quilt. Pricing for this type of quilting varies depending on your quilt and the amount of quilting you choose.
Heirloom Quilting Heirloom Quilting
This style of quilting is the most detailed. It utilizes the elements of custom quilting with even more detail and feathers have the appearance of hand quilting. It can also include micro stippling, McTavishing, ruler work, and stenciling. If you are considering entering your quilt in a quilt show, this is the type of quilting you want to consider.
T-Shirt Quilts T-Shirt Quilts
This is a wonderful way to honor and remember someone you love. There are several different ways to design a T-Shirt quilt. The shirts do not have to be the same size, so you can utilize those little bitty t-ball or vacation Bible school shirts and those huge basketball shirts. Please contact me with any questions you may have about the T-Shirts. Check the link for pricing.
Memory/Bereavement Quilts

Memory Quilts
These quilts differ from tee shirt quilts in that they have T-Shirts and other memorabilia such as photos, patches, ties, etc.

Bereavement Quilts
These quilts are the most rewarding for me. There are many different ways to construct a bereavement quilt. They can be simple or very detailed depending on what you want in the quilt. Gathering items for this quilt is usually a difficult task. However, it helps knowing that these items are not being disposed of. They will be given back in the form of a quilt that will be loved and cherished forever.